Feb 2023

This month, I was busy setting base in Bangalore. Moving is a lot of work, and I am still adjusting to the city - loads of people, incessant honking on roads, metros operating at twice their capacity, and a language unknown to me.

I'm sure there's a lot more that will be to my liking, and I'm just taking my time synchronising. The whole moving-and-packing dance, however, has disrupted my usual schedule (which wasn't something to be proud of in the first place). I'm a little behind on some personal projects, and there's no library here like there was back in college, but my trajectory will fix itself.


Still on Words of Radiance, and I picked Real world haskell back up.

My to-read list looks almost the same as last time:


In a span of about 2 days, I made something cool - a Brainfuck interpreter, written entirely in TypeScript's type-system. The code can be found here on GitHub. I also spoke about it in a talk about type-level programming and turing complete type systems. [TODO@self: add a link here once it's uploaded to YouTube].

Last time, I said I'll be writing an Neural Language Model. Well, I changed my mind.

Lately, I've been looking into the NES's architecture. I want to write an emulator for it, but my current understanding of its hardware (and 6502 assembly) is far from adequate.

Everyday, after coming home from work, I've been making notes, and reading the NESDev wiki. Perhaps I'll have something to show in my next log?