Jan. 2022

Whiling away my 5th semester in home isolation with a laptop and a couple of books. As of January 2021, these are my going ons :^)


My current readings are Dune - Messiah and The Martian. I plan on finishing the dune saga in the first half of this year, before I begin some of Sanderson's books.

I also wish to read Thinking with Types and Category theory for programmers in the very near future. The former might be on my desk before the end of this month.


I am currently building my static site generator - Bark.
I've recently ported this website to the said SSG, and have added support for tags. This month I plan on updating the frontmatter parser to a monadic one, implementing directory watching and the ability to serve files on localhost.

Two of my older projects have been dormant for a while - Vyse and Wex.
It's about time I revive them. For Vyse, I plan to add support for userdata objects and module loading. A clearer roadmap for wex is yet to come.


This year I plan on doing more game jams on itch, learning more Russian, playing the Piano and writing at least once every month on the blog.