3rd January, 2024

Happy New Year! Here's a few things that I want to try before the year is out:

NES emulator update

Donkey kong background rendering
Donkey kong main screen

I've implemented background rendering in the PPU, and it can now draw Donkey Kong's background (with some glitches). For reasons unknown to me, the attribute table reads aren't accurate right now. And if you couldn't tell already, there are no foreground sprites.

Currently, it cannot run games that rely on background scrolling features in the hardware, and require more complex mapper circuits. I'll have a playable version of Donkey Kong before moving on to more complex games.

Plans for this website

I've always wanted my websites to be as lean as possible. Think lightweight pages, view-source-able markup, no fancy animations or loaders, no cookies or trackers, and no JavaScript in places where it can be avoided. Last year, I moved away from highlight.js, and added support for build-time syntax highlighting in my static site generator. This helped shed about 38kB of JS and CSS from every page that had code snippets in it.

However, I still bundle JS with some pages on this website. For instance: the list of posts in /blog and /tags/<tag> is generated using a script tag that uses some metadata to figure out the the HTML that should be rendered.

Furthermore, the CSS - although small - is not minified.

Both of these issues exist because of limitations in my static site generator. Moving forward, I want to make my SSG more general purpose. It will be available as a binary, and as a library. Binary for simple websites that need basic text, templating, and hypermedia. Library for websites that need more powerful build time features.